91 f150 inline 6 to 12v

Hey guys new to this forum. I have a 91 f150 4.9L in-line 6 300, 2wd, with a E40D tranny. I’m really interested in swapping my inline 6 out for a 12v I just don’t even know where to begin. I know I’m completely capable of doing this swap and I have the required tools, and funds. If possible could someone link me a thread for a similar build that I can follow from, and or give me a list of practically everything I would need to comeplete this gas to diesel swap. Another thing, i eventually want to either change the axle out but I’m not sure for what yet. Right now there’s a Dana 44 with 3.73 gr I believe. Thanks guys


My bricknose haha follow me on Instagram @leanedoutbricky if any of you guys are on there. And ya I know it would be easier and cheaper to just buy a diesel but I’m keeping this truck till I’m 6 foot under so I might as well
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