1995 F150 Centurion 4x4 4BTA conversion DCS


Coming into the home stretch of of the gas to diesel conversion.
Hooking up intercooler piping, heater hoses and radiator hoses this weekend and tying in the wiring.

A bit about the Cummins:
> timing @ 20 deg.
> .040 over with marine pistons
4 K governor
150# valve springs
P pump modified
FASS Titanium 125 gph
Steedspeed exhaust manifold with HX35 turbo 62 mm billet , BD Diesel exhaust, MBRP 4" exhaust
Custom Scott Wetzel 3" Stainless down pipe (Dayton, Ohio)
Custom built radiator ( supply/return both on passenger side
5R110 billet low stall torque converter
Quick shift 4 with E4od tranny...

I'm sure I left out a lot of goodies, more pics to come!

Location: Western Mass.

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