Looking forward to running Diesel in my rig.

Converting a highly modified Suburban to run a 96 12 valve.
Pulling out the Summit 383 stroker crate engine with Fast multiport for the simplicity of a Cummins
Just placing my order today for all the goodies I believe I'll need.
Truck has always had electrical gremlins so a full Painless kit is being installed also.
Current trani is a 700R4 with a full manual, reverse shift pattern valve body and 1100 stall converter.
it's built to take high horsepower so I hope that it will stand up to the 12 valve.

Front suspension is being changed to 4 link with adjustable, dual rate coil overs to handle the extra weight of the Cummins.

I'd appreciate any pointers or advice from those of you who have already gone down this path.
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