Customers Truck

Here is one of our customers great looking trucks. Recently finished up and out rolling coal today.

1992 F350

12 Valve P-Pump with mods

ZF5, rebuilt

Dana 60 front/Sterling rear, Detroit locker in both, 3.73 ratio

Fresh paint, fresh interior


  • 94cclbfummins
    Did you guys cut the driveshafts, move transmission, and modify the crossmember? Do you have pictures of that? I was thinking of going electric fans since I don't have fabrication tools on hand and I'm mostly in frigid highway conditions.
  • martin234
    No doubt it's looking cool, I have a similar truck but 1994 F350 but not as fresh as this looking i use that for Queens NY Blocked Driveway Towing, and I am willing to improve his interior and exterior also what do you suggest?
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